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The Best Jerky on the Planet?

Many different companies each lay claim to offering the best jerky products on the face of the Earth. We have invited any jerky company who wants to participate in our project to submit samples of their most popular jerky varieties. The results will be posted here at!

Our 4 person independent review team consists of one mom who is also a bookstore owner, a dad who is also a full-time miller of organic flours (not married to the mom, incidentally), a gourmet cheesecake maker, and a part-time blacksmith.

We all live together (well, our businesses live together) in Argentine*, Michigan, in a really cool historic mill -- Westwind Milling Company. (The cheesecake guy and the blacksmith are both single and available, in case you are wondering.)

We are all, of course, self-proclaimed experts on the perfect jerky. We'll see.

Jerky companies who have accepted our challenge as of 5/19/08:

*Jeff's Jerky - Ohio*
*Japa Jerky*
*Wind River Jerky Co.*
*Damn Good Jerky*
*Walnut Creek Specialty Meats*
*Gary West Meats*
*World Kitchens Beef Jerky*
*Mountain America Jerky*

Our first review is posted HERE!

These companies were invited, but have not yet responded:

Bonanza Jerky | Glenwood Smoked Products | | House of Jerky
Herky Jerky | Idyllwild House of Jerky | Michigan Brand | Tuff Stuff Jerky | Big John's Beef Jerky
Jeff's Jerky | West Texas Jerky | Texas Best Beef Jerky | Mr. and Mrs. Jerky | Jerky Junction
Vermont Backwoods Jerky Co. | Bartlett Boys | Juicy Jerky | Jerky by Crawford | The Jerky Outlet
American Grass Fed Beef | Grande Premium Meats | Fort Bridger Beef Jerky | Final Frontier Jerky
Wild West Beef Jerky | Luther's Jerky | Big Joe's Road Jerky | The Jerky Guy | Whittingtons Jerky
New Braunfels Smokehouse | Climax Jerky | Chipper Beef Jerky | Jerky Hut | Texas Best Beef Jerky

If you would like to suggest a company not already listed, we'd love to hear from you!
Just email

Click HERE for the BEST BBQ sauce recipe in Texas!
*Argentine is pronounced like turpentine, not Argenteen. If you really want to find us on MapQuest, we are about 4 miles west of Linden, Michigan. Come and visit! We'll save you some jerky.

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